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 ~July 2016~

Arvo Aperitivo at Second Home cafe in Eltham (Brougham Street) 

Each Saturday and Sunday from 3.00pm in the Winter Months,  go along to Second Home cafe in Eltham to enjoy their Arvo Aperitivo events.  Chef Lachie Fletcher will prepare yummy mezze plates to pair with selected Shaws Road Wines. Sit by the fire and enjoy those quiet hours after the winter sun goes down.

arvo aperitivo wine at arvro aperitivo


~August 2016~

Shaws Road Winery open Sunday (21 August)

Winter has its perks! Warm fires, heaty winter food and a glass of warming red wine in hand to make you feel mellow and toasty from the toes up. The winery will be open Sunday 21 August for a lunch of robust winter fare (slow cooked corned silver side and roast veg with a creamy parsley sauce, shared grazing platters with hot potato croquettes, home-made veal osso bucco pies with chips, and something gooey for dessert!)

Bookings 4 or more… please ring Jan on 0437 393 736. Please come and join us for a wonderful day!

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