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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

In the Tasting Room

All our current release wines are available for tasting at the Cellar Door at weekends. 

Wine Tasting is available in our Tasting Room where we have three tasting benches with stools that can accommodate up to 5 people at each bench. The Tasting Experience is $10 per person for five wines, which can be selected from the full range of our current release wines, including any wines that are available as special deals (e.g. unlabelled wines). The wines are served on a wine tasting paddle with accompanying tasting notes.

Book a Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting for larger groups, in the Cellar

For groups of 10 or more, a booking can be made in advance for a Wine Tasting event to be conducted at one long bench in the underground Cellar surrounded by barrels. We can also provide Winemaker’s Platters for your group to share while enjoying the wine experience. 

For more information about a group Wine Tasting event, please email