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Puppy Bingo

Posted by Janice Miles on

Being the Wife of the Winemaker is a mixed and varied role. Looking after the Winemaker. Looking after the Winemaker's dog. Finding new Border Collie brown and white puppies to join us at Shaws Road Winery.

So we search and searched, wanting a brother and sister pair from a Breeder because we know their temperament is so gentle and they are such beautiful dogs. We found some puppies, put in our order and at five weeks of age we went to visit "our" puppies and fell in love with the shy pair at the back of the boisterous litter of eight. We named them Hector and Lola and went home to wait for them to grow a bit bigger and be weaned.

Two weeks later a distraught breeder rang to say their noses weren't developing as they should and the puppies all looked like they had a Boxer's nose (please note, there is a Boxer living on the farm next door to the Breeder).  So we are back to the start, still looking for a pair of puppies and waiting to name them Hector and Lola. 

Meanwhile, we are working hard to complete the renovations at the winery and make the restaurant the best we can. There is a lot going on: new toilets, new carpark, and something really special being planned for the front foyer entrance. We are aiming high and want it all to be wonderful, and ultimately to be among the top 10 restaurants in the Yarra Valley. It's a challenging journey but we are loving every minute of it!


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